3 January 2010

One million giraffes

Ola Helland, a Norwegian web designer, has a bet with one of his friends that by 2011 he can collect one million giraffes created for him by members of the public.  The challenge has been running since the middle of June 2009 and he currently has close to half a million!  From what I've read, Ola is attempting to get sponsorship for each giraffe added so that the project can provide some money to be used in protecting wild giraffes.  I hope he gets the money but, either way, the idea is so deliciously silly that it would be great if he reaches his target.  If you want to add a giraffe of your own or have a look at some of the creations by other people, you can find the website here (look out for the stats page which, amongst other things, shows that the UK and Germany are battling it out at the top of the nations table for giraffe generosity). You can find my giraffe contribution on the website here.
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